Appears the news is out on something Glaswegian’s have known for years.  Finnieston has come out one of the best city break areas in the UK.  Glasgow’s ‘West End’ also got a noteworthy mention.  What they mean by ‘West End’ is most likely the Byres Road/Ashton Lane areas.

Article was published by Travel SuperMarket (part of the Money Supermarket group).  Full article can be read here.  Factors in the choice included the diversity and number of independent businesses and volumes of local residents actually living there.

the finnieston

Finnieston History

Heavy industry ship building which was the lifeblood of the area has gone. Remnants like the Finnieston Crane are all that remain.  Replaced with world class venues like the Hydro.

butcher shop finnieston

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

With an area known as ‘The Strip”, the area boasts a large number of places to feast.  You’ll struggle to find a higher concentration of bars/restaurants of such a high standard anywhere in Glasgow.  Just a few of the noteworthy places include Ox & Finch, Firebird, Kelvingrove Cafe and The Finnieston.  Butcher Shop deserves a special mention.  Outstanding.

kelvingrove street finnieston

Homes In Finnieston

There’s a mix of new and old.  Old factories and warehouse space has provided land for new builds flats.  Plenty of Victorian buildings survive, and make up the majority of properties.  Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street have a prominence of tenements.  Saint Vincent Crescent is a beautiful example.  Flat fronted, lovely tall windows, blonde sandstone all set within a gently sloping street.

kelvingrove cafe finnieston

Property Prices

Currently (and we do mean now!) prices are lower than the central West End.  Partly perhaps due to the relative abundance of land created by the demolition of old industrial areas.  Something not highlighted by many is the close proximity to the Park area of Glasgow.  Crossing Argyle and Sauchiehall Street places you in the Park area.  Home to some of the most expensive properties in Glasgow.  Prices have risen steadily since around 2010.  With Finnieston continuing to remain in the social spotlight and Glasgwegian’s insatiable appetite for most places to eat & drink, investment in Finnieston makes good sense.


City Centre and central West End are within walking distance.  So if you’re based in these locations you may not even need a car.  Buses are fairly regular and the SECC train station is a few minutes walk from Minerva Street.  There’s no underground station but the Kelvinhall stop is just over a ten minute walk away.  Parking can be a pain so if you’re a car owner it’s likely you’ll want to obtain a council residents parking permit.

In A Nutshell

Here at Central Estate Agents, Finnieston has been a long time favourite spot to spend social time.  The blend of entertainment, beautiful architecture and close proximity to both Kelvingrove Park are hard to beat.  We’ve, literally, grown up in Glasgow’s West End.  If you have a property to sell in this vibrant area of the city we would love to hear from you.  Call us today.  We guarantee nobody will present your home as well as Central Estate Agents.